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Analysis of an artwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of an artistic creation - Essay ExampleAlexandria, a Greek cosmopolitan city wherein dance and mime professions were prevalent during the antique eras1. The dancer is wearing a traditional Grecian preen called peplos with a woolen unmentionable called chiton, and a cloak called himation2. Due to the pressure applied by her upper and lower limbs, the himation was drawn miserly over her head and body causing the fabric to be draped in realistic folds and pleats impart a feeling of softness and sheerness of fabrics, which also barely enhanced the dancers figure which seems to be captured in an exotic and provocative pose. However, the face which was concealed in a veil seems to depict bashfulness with a hint of mystery. The contrasting emotions made the statuette unique and highly artsy.The dancers tied slipper also denotes daintiness and further magnified the femininity of the dancer. In addition, the statuettes dimensions further established its function as a decora tive element or a figurine belike commissioned by a rich patron of the arts. Details of the patron or the one who commissioned the bronzy statuette was not disclosed though, but the Greek affluent populace at the time were quite known to appreciate beauty and were quite eager to enhance their homes with luxurious items made of bronzy and other expensive materials3.In a comparison with a sculpture mentioned in Kleiners book, the peplus Kore is an example of an Archaic style circa 530-525 B.C. and is made entirely of white marble with blue-grey streaks4. Like the Hellenistic bronze statuette, the material used is expensive. The sculpture also depicts a woman wearing the traditional Grecian dress called a peplos worn over a chiton, but without the himation as seen in the Hellenistic bronze statuette. The woman stands in the typical Archaic style of upright and frontal stance with the dress abatement in rigid and simple lines. The symmetrical patterning

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Literature Review Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Literature Review - Dissertation representativePolicies, for example, imposing tariffs on some goods and products are issues that make many organizations uneasy. To try and correct this issue, there pack been several phrases that criticize the moves that the WTO is currently employing. This paper will review some of the issues raised by authors and their view on the policies by the WTO. Authors criteria Faridul Islam, David McArthur, and Ian Wilson are the authors of Globalization and the World Trade Organization The Challenges Ahead. This article reite targets what was said precedent by author Martin Khor on the troubles that the WTO faces in todays trading economy (Islam, McArthur, & Wilson, 2007). Martin Khor is the Executive handler of the S emergeh Centre. It is an intergovernmental organization that aids evolution countries in research. Previously, he used to be the head of the thirdly World Network. He criticized some of these policies, contracting that they do not con sider developing nations in international trade, and their aspect in the global market. Khor implies that the WTO is biased towards the richer countries. This point is supported by the authors of the article on globalization. What peck do not seem to realize is that there are poor countries that need to participate in trade. This is in put in for them to help their economies grow and develop. The economies in third world countries keep going down the drain, and the people suffer due to the policies put in place by the WTO (Islam, McArthur, & Wilson, 2007). The difficulty with such strategies is that the great world of people in the developing nations has nobody to look out for their interests. In the interests of the population in the developing nations, the policies that exist are out to serve the people of more developed countries. Their products reach a vast area of other continents, and they also get products from other areas. However, they do this at a much cheaper rate t han the manufacturer used to manufacture their products (Davey & Jackson, 2008). This is what has many organizations up in arms trying to figure out a way through these policies, and help the different economies in the member countries of this organization. Levels of analysis What the authors of the article claim is the point that developing countries lack the capacity to follow negotiations by the WTO. This presents a problem to these countries. In order to comprehend what goes on, they need to be an intricate part of the international community. This is when it comes to trade and the problems associated with trading internationally. Having high implication duties on countries that can barely afford to export their products is not fair. This is as the authors suggest in the article and bring Martin Khors point to light. In order for there to be a fair chance for all countries to trade freely, the stipulations should be changed to suit the current situation (Khor, 2007). It is vita l that everyone has the potential to understand what opposition such policies have on them and their economy. Trade cannot be trade if only one country or a selected few are involved in it. There has to be the fair exchange of commodities, products, goods, and work so as to call it trading. The creation of barriers in trade should not be out to eudaimonia one country, while leaving some out in the cold (Krueger & Aturupane, 2000). International trade enables the glide path together of people of different ethnic, cultural, and

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Marine Organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Marine Organisation - Essay ExampleManagement has to deal with galore(postnominal) a(prenominal) matters keeping external environment in mind. Its main concern is Bulk Carrier initiation and recourse and this means that the importance attached to the safety of the ships is the main theme of the organisation. It has a technical committee called CASTEC, which meets double a year to discuss technical matters, and deal with other connected issues. Bulk carrier design and safety had been of paramount importance and in late 1980s after some of them were lost and present(prenominal) programme had to be adapted with changes in the SOLAS Regulations and IACS rules. The main difference came with the introduction of new hull that would bar considerable amount of damage and survive maximum amount of impact. IMO initiated a number of safety judicial decision studies, and the findings also had a number of recommendations and potential rules by December 2002, the SOLAS amendments were accept ed by IMO, including the introduction of look-alike Skin Bulk carriers.Intercargo always works with close contact with IACS and the target had been designing and executing useful, safe, effectual and environmentally friendly sleek streamlined bulk carriers. It continues to monitor, research and understand the reasons of carrier losses and had been hoard all the statistics from 1990, and reports in its Bulk Carrier Casualty Report with analysis and pertinent answers to many heretofore unanswered questions. Number of cargo carriers and the lives of people employed in them, and the cargo are comparatively safer now.They pick up to make amenable rules so that the Port State Controls rules and regulations are not flouted, as they are governed by the international conventions like SOLAS, STCW AND MARPOL that form the set of rules for the security, safety of the cargo ships. Pollution engage in the high seas has become a matter of absolute concern for the shipping industry. We see ma ny

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Compare and Contrast Michelangelo Buonarroti with Modern Artist Assignment

Compare and oppose Michelangelo Buonarroti with Modern Artist - Assignment ExampleThe paper Compare and Contrast Michelangelo Buonarroti with Modern Artist explores the similarities and differences of Michelangelo Buonarroti and juvenile artists. Considering the portrayal of people on the images of both artists, it should be emphasized that both Michelangelo and Bouguereau regarded people as the come upon theme of their art. While Michelangelo made emphasis on biblical and mythological subjects, Bouguereau created images of the ordinary people as well. Nevertheless, these ordinary people relish like angels and goddesses due to the color spectrum used, and to the softness of curves and lineaments. In fact, the depiction of putti, children, as well as womens statures cannot be performed with rough features. Michelangelo, in his turn, in the strive for realism created images with visible, and, close to tangible relief. However, his female characters are not always soft and tender. Hence, Sibyls by Michelangelo look tough, massive, and even beefy, maculation even peasant women by Bouguereau look like nymphs, with their childish lineaments, soft curves, and mild tones. The works by these two masters have lots in common however, the differences are essential. Bouguereaus colors look milder however, it is hard to define the initial quality of Michelangelos colors. Anyway, both artists managed to create realistic images of the human faces and statures. Therefore, sculpture-like Michelangelos characters look almost three dimensional, while Bouguereau relies on realistic embodiment of the divine characters.

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The History of William Pens Statue Research Paper

The History of William Pens Statue - Research study ExampleAlthough born in an Anglican family, William Penn changed his religious views and joined the religious society of friends or Quakers. Quakers rival war and violence and obey the divine light that they believe is present within each person. Since their beliefs strange the Christian religion, they faced many hardships until William Penn managed to get a colonial province of West New Jersey. His death penalty of democratic structure in this province included full immunity of religion, fair trials, elected representatives of the deal in power and a separation of powers. American constitution is inspired from this democratic system of Penn (ushistory.org). He believed in fair treatment and complete religious freedom. He wrote once True religion does not draw men out of the world but enables them to live better in it. He was arrested a number of times due to his difference of beliefs. Yet the most famous among his trials is t he one which eventually gave the freedom to the juries of England and made them independent and out of influence from the judges. William Penn also planned and developed the City of Brotherly applaud, Philadelphia (Somerville, 2006).Due to the overcrowding at the old 18th-century city hall at fifth and Chestnut Street, a ordinary election was held in 1870 to decide the new location of a city hall in Philadelphia. Penn fledge was the new location that received 51, 623 votes. The architecture of this new city hall was designed by lav MacArthur Jr. who immigrated to America from Scotland. William Penns statue was not originally included in his design (Hornblum, 2003). The inclusion of a statue was requested by the building commission, which was designed by Alexander Milne Calder, who immigrated to America as well in 1869 (pewtrusts.org).The construction of city hall was completed in 1901 with the intention of making it the worlds tallest building. The Eiffel editorialand Washingto n monument, however, grabbed that uniqueness from it. Yet it is still the worlds largest masonry building in the world.

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Mythology essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mythology - Essay ExampleThe dickens ancient Greek legends together give an exciting say of incidences that give a clear picture of the philosophical and religious views of the ancient Greeks regarding death and the afterlife. Generally from the two stories, it is evident that the ancient Greeks feared afterlife and regarded death as a not so glorious and undesirable natural event. For example, during his visit to the Hades, Odysseus saw the dead who were pathetic, deprived of their wits. On the other hand, The Myth of Er by Plato suggests the ancient Greek belief that moral people are rewarded after death while baseborn people face punishment upon heir death. This is particularly illustrated by the description of how Er saw the sinners macrocosm punished while people who were Virtuous group were rewarded with happiness. Lastly, the ancient Greeks believed that the deceased should be buried with lordliness with proper customary burial rites to allow them get to afterlife after their

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Final Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Final Response story - Essay ExampleIn college musical composition the readers target to encourage an interesting claim, evidence to the claim as well as the analysis of limits and claim objections. The provision is different from those provided in the inessential level since the secondary level does non prompt utmost rationality and demands for simplicity in their conformation. The synthesis necessary in secondary school writing targets the dummies a converse scenario to the college writing (Sommers 382).Even though many discourses have-to doe with writing and reading, some do not involve the outlined practices (Gee 11). Academic writing entails the format, type, and the language. The writing requires the commit of formal language throughout to abide by the conventional demands. Under such(prenominal) provisions, the writing discourages the part of short forms of words and abbreviations. The writing has to be in a specific format such as the APA, MLA, Harvard or any other for mat (Hyland 96). Through the formation of the paper, it has to maintain a type such as an essay, coursework, and dissertation amongst other types as well. The dominant discourse is however contrary to the academic writing since it mostly promotes the passive voice and does not consider formats. Academic writing is different since it also involves instruction manual that guide all its aspects including the themes to be written about (Sommers 376).The main controversy is the time of engagement into the discourses and the strong suit of their impacts. There is a group of students considered special in this aspect and cannot be compared to those who get engaged in discourse at tender ages (Gee, 14). Another trouble around teaching academic writing is the scrap of the daily experiences in communication and the requirements of academic writing. The common language and communication tends to be informal and appears not to abide by the demands of academic writing.

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Understanding Whiteness or white identity Annotated Bibliography

Understanding Whiteness or blank identity - Annotated Bibliography ExampleBanks explains that in order to define whiteness, African Americans were necessary. This is because constructing other racial categories helped as a source of identification for powerful main groups interchangeable whites (p.22). In this obligate, bank has discussed racial theories developed by intellectual leaders and also explains how Franz Boas, Robert E Park and African American scholars and social scientist strived for racial reconstruction. Banks name helps student to realize how racial knowledge is constructed and how it is evolved over time. Banks also emphasises the importance of having transformative teaching and learning.Ralph Lintons article The one hundred percent American humorously describes that most of the things an American use in nonchalant life are originated from other countries. Linton brilliantly analyses that majority of materials a typical American uses are un-American, and yet th ey consider themselves as one hundred percent American. Linton has explained almost every routine including activities like waking up, taking shower, having breakfast, going out in rain, catching train and reading paper, and finds out that American uses un-American materials for all these implys. This includes a pyjama he wears which is of East Indian origin or contend he sleeps which is from Persia or Asia Minor (p.1). Linton shows us that most of the American way of doing things exists because of the other countries which invented them. For students, this article is truly informative and may help them understand the extent to which American culture is unique.The article Do we need a common American identity? discusses about the complex issues in American identity. The title caput is supported by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr (1992) who asserts that multiculturalism is a threat for basic values of Americans. While Michael Walzer (1990) opposes the title question and suggests that mu lticultural identity cannot be avoided in America. According to

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THE ENGLISH SYSTEM OF EDUCATION AND SKILLS - Essay Exampleligation to make contributions to the cost of their pedagogy once they are in work The Inquiry favours a combination of student tuition fees (on a loan basis) and the continuation of meat-tested maintenance grants and student loans as the best way to seek contributions from higher income families and graduates in work to make a flat rate contribution of around 25 per cent of the fair(a) cost of higher education tuition, through an income- introductiond mechanism. (Dearing)The removal of up-front fees and the limited return of grants are insufficient to graduation the experience of student debt, especially by low-income families. Many poor families are positively deterred from entering HE due to the fees and concern of getting into debt.We have neither the quantity nor the quality of necessary vocational skills Our skills base compares poorly and, critically, all of our comparators are improving. Being world class is a movi ng target. (Leitch)Many of the initiatives new(prenominal) than those dealing with funding are positive for the UK higher education system. The thorny issue remains funding. The Leitch look backward published in 2006 also makes some suitable recommendations for the present-day UK HE system. These were made in repartee to the governments concern in 2004 to engender greater skills in adults due to demographic changes in the workplace.1. Students from poorer backgrounds would not be at a disadvantage, otherwise they may not be have the means to acquire HE at all, or they may feel obliged to opt for cheaper degree courses kinda of selecting on the basis of academic considerations. High student fees are the single biggest obstacles to continuing their studies into higher education.2. alter contributions by students should only be directed at students who are able to afford to pay for their cause studies. Even then, students should only be expected to pay if and when they have obtai ned employment, and earning more than a minimum summation of