Friday, February 21, 2020

The attitude of Saudi students in Brighton towards teaching English Essay

The attitude of Saudi students in Brighton towards teaching English - Essay Example This section presents the results and analysis of the data gathered as well as their interpretations. A questionnaire made up of eight close-ended items was built and administered to Saudi students in Brighton, United Kingdom. The results were statistically treated to ascertain percentages, means and standard deviations and interpreted.Numerous studies showed that FLES does not have a negative effect on students’ academic achievements and their first language. Attitudinal studies that dealt with Arab students’ attitude towards learning EFL showed that Arab students are instrumentally motivated to learn English. An attitudinal study was conducted to measure Saudi secondary public schools students’ attitude towards EFL. The study revealed that the students desired to speak English for instrumental reasons and also wanted it to be included in the curriculum.With respect to whether English should be introduced in the elementary state schools’ curriculum or not , the results indicate that an extremely high percentage of respondents support the statement. 52.6% strongly agree and 63.8% agree while one participant is neutral (5.3%) and one disagrees (5.3%). The mean score is 4.37 and the standard deviation is 0.831. Therefore, it can be said that the majority of the participants encourage introducing English as a foreign language in the elementary state schools. Participants also support the statement that learning English will not have a negative outcome on students’ identity.

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